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Casualties of an Island Laundry Day

I now have what’s called a “Saba Washer,” or, as I like to call it, a fancy gallon bucket. This might seem “cute” and maybe even a little romantic if your idyllic island existence comprises of you and possibly your partner. I, however, am five humans... read more

Island Summer: The Leftovers

Beginning each June, it happens: The Exodus. It makes me feel like I’m on the show, The Leftovers. Suddenly, all of my friends just disappear. It’s a challenging and emotional time for those of us left behind on this increasingly scorching (it is Island Summer,... read more

Island Wedding Crashers

There is something about the heat and fecundity of the tropics that makes the natural world supernatural. Unexpected downpours become providential punishments; languid hillsides become mocking observers. In literature, it’s called magical realism. On my... read more

A Tale of Two Laundry: A Poem

Let’s take a moment, and tell you a tale of a girl who has lived and grown up on either sides of this world. She hails from the States, where doing laundry is a piece of cake. She buys large tubs of Persil and Tide, never worries that colors will fade and hide. The... read more

Patience and the Island Carwash

Patience is a virtue – a lesson anyone who has ever lived on an island learns in no time. Everything (and everyone) is slower here than I was used to. I use the past tense because this is what I’m used to now. We have lived here for almost eight months and... read more

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