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The 5 Worst Reasons to Quit Island Life

Island life is not for everyone. I was born and raised on an island. Then, I spent some years in a city only to move back to an even smaller island. I fit in with both locals and expats. I understand the arguments from both sides – talk about a life of... read more

The 4 Stages of Island Fever

As anyone who lives on an island knows, the size of that island is inversely proportional to how quickly it will drive you mad. Here’s a handy graph for those who prefer to process things visually: Happily, there’s a cure for Island Fever (IF): It’s... read more

Casualties of an Island Laundry Day

I now have what’s called a “Saba Washer,” or, as I like to call it, a fancy gallon bucket. This might seem “cute” and maybe even a little romantic if your idyllic island existence comprises of you and possibly your partner. I, however, am five humans... read more

Island Summer: The Leftovers

Beginning each June, it happens: The Exodus. It makes me feel like I’m on the show, The Leftovers. Suddenly, all of my friends just disappear. It’s a challenging and emotional time for those of us left behind on this increasingly scorching (it is Island Summer,... read more

Why You Should Be Your Rock’s Ambassador

I happen to be one of the many people living on a rock that not only loves my rock but also makes a living from others who love my rock and visit it from time to time. This is why I believe it’s part of my duty as a guest in the beautiful country I call home to be a... read more

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