Can we offer you a cocktail?

Before we begin, that’s one thing we should probably make clear from the get-go:
we are significantly funnier if you are imbibing some sort of an adult beverage.
Raucously funnier, even, if you’re on your third.

The fact of the matter is that here in the islands, we don’t really do coffee. It’s just too hot.
Besides, any extra amped bursts of energy can make it monumentally more difficult to cultivate
the patience required for an island lifestyle that has the tendency to move at the speed of a hermit crab.
Or seemingly not at all.

Here, rather, we meet for Happy Hour –
which admittedly, has a tendency to too often commence before noon, but… you catch the drift.

Please understand that we don’t intend all of this cocktail talk to come across in an alcoholic sort of way;
it’s more indicative of our way of life – anthropologists will one day look upon island societal remains
and attribute Heineken as being one of the official sponsors of our evolution.
The fact of the matter is that we simply handle our liquor better than most people handle their caffeine.
But, we digress. About this website…

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to
actually live on a tropical island?

Most of us have allowed that daydream to pull on the kite strings
of our minds whilst on holiday at some point in our lives.

You find yourself glamorously soaking up the sunshine in your idyllic hammock du jour,
gazing out from beneath your over-sized shades upon the turquoise sea and there it is –
with a definitive exhale, you think, Yessss, I could do this forever.
It is this stream of consciousness that compels tourists to marvel upon us islanders on an almost daily basis:
HOW do you LIVE here?
They want the full story – the inside track, some magical formula that will get them from
their comparably drearier existence onto The Path to Paradise.

But, as women who have actually seen that fantasy all the way through, we’re here to confess:

For this is the essential paradox of paradise.
It is freakishly beautiful here, but these postcard-perfect views don’t come for free.
It is also freakishly frustrating to live on an island at times.
So much so that you will likely find yourself one day, in a fit of fury, actually proclaiming phrases
you once thought improbable such as Screw the beach!  and Just give me a dark rainy day, dammit!
Perhaps it’s all a part of nature’s delicate balance –
if island living didn’t sometimes beat the shit out of you, everyone would live here.
And there simply isn’t room for everyone.

So we’re here to give it to you straight up, on the rocks.
It may not always be pretty. It may not always be convenient (for us at least), but by God, it will be entertaining.

If we do not celebrate the absurd, we will not survive. At least that’s what we’re hoping.
Thanks for joining us, please feel free to LOL unabashedly at our expense.

Authors’ Note

At times, our stories may be hard to believe but alas, they are all true. Unless we tell you they are fictional.
But otherwise, we promise to capture our world with as much accuracy as our salty memories will allow.
However, it is important to note that some names and identifying features of people, places, and businesses
have been changed throughout this blog in an effort to preserve the anonymity of those who may not wish
to be seen in the light we shed upon them.

The islands we all reside on are in fact,
both literally and geologically-speaking, rocks.
Most tropical islands are volcanic in origin,
rising out of the sea
into the landmasses we call home.
Living here, you will hear the word rock
haphazardly integrated into a variety of terms
such as “rock city” (the island itself) and “rock fever”
(a stir-crazy affliction only cured with time
off your rock of residence),
among others.

Who’s behind Women Who Live on Rocks?

Hi, I’m Jacqueline!
The islands are full of such amazing women – all unique, endlessly interesting and hilarious in their own ways. I am thrilled to be part of such a wonderfully diverse community that includes “rock” dwellers (or wannabes) from all over the world. We all have our stories to tell that are shaped by our own islands, cultures, languages and experiences.

I love being able to provide a space for these stories to be shared.

Between this website and our Facebook page, Women Who Live on Rocks has evolved into
a fun, engaged community of rock women – whether they physically live on islands or just do in their souls.
As this badass tribe continues to grow, it is my goal to create more opportunities for you all to connect –
both here on the interwebs and in real on – de – beach life.

I am truly blessed to call the Cayman Islands home for the past 26 years. I share my little piece of paradise with my husband, two teenagers and a “Cayman mutt” from the local Humane Society.

I would love to meet you all whenever I get the opportunity, so if you’re ever in Cayman,
please do reach out and let’s meet for a cocktail! And if I visit your island, I will be sure to look you up.
In the meantime, link up with me on Instagram @womanonarock – let’s drool over each other’s tropical snaps.
Until we meet again – rock on!

Women Who Live On Rocks
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