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Walk like a West Indian

I'm probably showing my age but a seminal anthem of my youth was 'Walk like an Egyptian' by the original and phenomenal girl band 'The Bangles'.  Download it or watch the video on You Tube. Seeing is believing.  To be honest, I have no idea what inspired the song or...

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Tips for Staying Sane During COVID

Staying sane during a pandemic can be a doozy.  Keeping your family grounded is another story. Here are some things that are helping me deal with quarantining and lock downs. Don’t know about you, but I’ve been juggling being a mother, homeschooling, being a wife,...

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Life On an Island: Everything Rusts

The classic cliché among island folk is, “It’s one thing to visit, another to live here!” but actually, brb, gotta get my laundry off the roof before the tropical storm rolls in…. *Collects drying laundry off line* …. Ok, laundry safe and I can now continue explaining...

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2 Weeks in Government Quarantine: Life on the Inside

Well, the email came! We could go home to our beloved Grand Cayman, after 100 days away, sweltering in place in the California desert. The only catch was that we had three days to get rid of 2-3 weeks supply of food, prepare the house for the even hotter weather to...

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A Tale of Two Arubas Part III

By now, you’re probably wondering. “What the hell, Stacy? I thought you were going to tell me the tale of two Arubas but so far you’ve just cycled from misery, to happy insanity, to abject misery back again.”   What can I say? Life’s a wild ride sometimes.  ...

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