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Welcome to the new Head Woman on a Rock!

In my last post, I shared that I was searching for a new Head Woman to take the helm of the Women Who Live on Rocks community and wow - you all really delivered! I received so many emails packed with stories from women who were interested to find out more about the...

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Chronicling the Lives of Women on Small Islands

When I recall growing up on Bath Island (twenty miles of open water from Vancouver and adjacent to lovely Gabriola Island), memories are as much about being on the water as being on land. We were in and out of small boats all day long. All supplies came from Gabriola...

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Dear Mango, I Love You. Still.

I’m back. Writing about something very familiar and very dear to me. Mangos. More than 5 years have gone by, and mangoes are still the love of my life. I’ve expanded the places I’ve been able to eat mangos: St. Lucia, Grenada, St. Vincent, and, of course, my old home,...

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To Market, To Market… on Mauritius!

Mauritius is known for its markets and as a newbie to the island, I thought I would give shopping at “The Market” a bash. That was my first mistake. You don’t give shopping at the market “a bash” because it WILL bash you. Allow me to explain...   I donned my...

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