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Where Naked is Overdressed

I suppose most people who grow up in climates of the frozen tundra dream of living on a tropical island. I spent every year I can recall of my adult life saving money to travel to warmer climates to escape the winter months of Minnesota. The destinations began...

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Cricket in the Caribbean

My earliest memories of cricket involve black and white images on the TV with my dad sitting in an armchair, a voice droning on, and the room being incredibly warm. At the time, I think I maybe associated the warmth and the droning voices with boredom. I paid no...

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Island Escape Artist

Everyone who lives on an island has, at one time or another, had to deal with vermin. In the Dominican Republic, we’ve encountered mice, rats, snakes, scorpions, giant centipedes, tarantulas, lizards, and much, much more.   Though we’ve had several encounters with...

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7 Steps to Reviving an Island Love Affair

Ah yes, it happens in even the most passionate relationships. The spark goes out. The red-hot sizzle you once enjoyed together now resembles something more like a wet napkin upon which you’ve rested your Cuba Libre at happy hour. Soggy, unappealing, utterly useless....

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Your Island Summer Self

Summer season has just begun in Cyprus and soon she will be in full swing, thereby my summer self is in full preparation for the heat. The warmer weather means that just about everything about me is slowing down to a very gentle pace. My daily walks take longer in the...

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