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When Dutch Marines Hit the Tropics

On our local news outlet, there was an article about the Dutch marines visiting Saba. Ladies, they are always quite the sight: a group of about twenty able-bodied, strong men in uniform with a leader and a purpose. They’re hard to miss: you can smell the testosterone... read more

Harvesting Your Own Island Sea Salt

It’s not all fun and games here in paradise. I mean, mostly it is – but there are some exceptions. Here’s one. There’s a very cool thing that happens here when we go through a drought, as we did earlier this year. Just behind an amazingly... read more

The Rock Where Medical Care Rocks

The simplest things can be an EVENT in the islands. Today, I have decided to visit my Doctora. The preparations started early in the day. Like many others in the town planning to attend the same event, I showered, washed my hair, and dressed in a go-to-town outfit. A... read more

Distinguishing “Summer” in the Tropics

As I write this, I am sitting on my back porch, somewhere between mango season and Carnival season. To the uninitiated, the blue skies above and warm day cooled by the trade winds suggest summer. But this is an island in the tropics – it’s always summer; so, we have other ways to mark the passage of time.

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Passport Predicament in Paradise

Do not ever, ever lose your passport. It’s the most important document we expats own – the one that lets us fly back and forth from our rocks to our home countries. When I “reach,” as the Bahamians say, I immediately put my passport in a... read more

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