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Island in Bloom

Living on an island is not just about the amazing blue water, the soft sand at the beach, time spent paddle-boarding, and soul-refreshing cocktails. Don't get me wrong - those are all MAJOR PROS to tropical living, but island life is still life. We islanders can get...

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Signs of the Islands

I'm one of those people who always takes notice of the typos on menus and secretly longs to offer my proofreading services to business owners everywhere. Up until now, I haven't gone so far as to actually take that step, but it's tempting. (I mean really - there is...

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Art of the #IslandSelfie

One of the biggest benefits of living on a Caribbean island as an "expat" (I put that in quotes because by all technicalities, I am not an actual expatriate considering my island is a US territory and I'm a US citizen) is that you have the opportunity to shamelessly...

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