Living on an island is not just about the amazing blue water, the soft sand at the beach, time spent paddle-boarding, and soul-refreshing cocktails.

Don’t get me wrong – those are all MAJOR PROS to tropical living, but island life is still life. We islanders can get just as distracted from what’s important by the activities of our daily existence as those living elsewhere can. Even though we are moving at a slower rate than most (island time is real), we can still sometimes forget to stop and appreciate the natural beauty of our rocks.

Currently, my island is in full, beautiful bloom and I’ve been making an effort to soak it up whenever I can.



The flowers of Bermuda are all showing off and everything looks and smells glorious. Just on my property alone I am amazed by all the colorful flowers, bushes, and trees. I’ve been keeping my eyes wide open to spot all the blooms I can, making sure I stop and smell all the different aromas, especially when driving my scooter around the rock.

And so I must leave you now with these photos – off to do my island flower appreciation for the day (before paddle-boarding, but of course)!









Is your island in bloom too? What are your favorite tropical flowers to spot?

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2006 - 2012, then again 2017

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French Canada

Elise is a French Canadian Mama of two who is on her second tour of duty on the Jewel of the Atlantic, Bermuda.

Her first tour from 2006 to 2012 is when she fell in love with the island life. Back then, Thing 1 and Thing 2 were still living with her and Daddy Cool, so she was busy driving kids around, helping out at school, golfing, swimming, running, and she even started coaching swimming. That is when she also started writing a blog to keep the family in the loop about their island life.

Sadly, she had to leave in 2012. Daddy Cool’s job was taking them to London, UK, where for the first time in her life she had to start taking vitamin D. Even though they were doing a lot of traveling from the Rock of the North and enjoying a lifestyle liken to Winterfell, this Khaleesi longed to return to her Rock in the sun.

The great news came in September 2017. They were moving back! Hip Hip Hooray! And the peasants rejoice!

Moving back was easy peasy. In fact, in many regards, it was as if they had never left and even though Thing 1 and Thing 2 are presently at University, this Mama is back into swimming, golfing, coaching, and she even bought herself a paddle board to explore the island from the water. She still writes her blog, Canadian Mama on the Rock, but this time it’s less about the kids and more about her island experiences.

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