Are you a fellow writer who lives on a tropical island?

We’d love to have you join us!

Women Who Live on Rocks is a collaboration of women writers of all ages and backgrounds
blogging about the eccentricities, fun, and general absurdities unique to island living.

The idea is to give people a peek into what it’s really like, in an entertaining voice, to make your home on a tropical island.
We also consider this a comedic support group of sorts for island girls.
Life in the tropics can be frustrating at best sometimes and our goal is to celebrate the quirks
and turn that aggravation into entertainment – for us and for you!

  • Women writers only. (Sorry, dudes! Perhaps one day we’ll have a section for ya!)
  • You must currently live on a rock. This isn’t Women Who Used to Live on Rocks, after all.
  • Currently, we only accept posts about life on tropical islands. Coconut souls welcome.
  • Entertainment is key here! Subjects should be written from a playful vantage point.
  • We don’t do promotional posts – this is not a tourism website. This is for entertainment only.
  • Posts that do best on our site are focused on widely relatable aspects of island living.
  • Get exposure for your writing! We have a 20,000+ readership & we’ll link to your own blog here (if you have one).
  • Connect with like-minded souls in our writer’s group & get inspired.
  • Need a cathartic release for your island frustrations? Vent away, girlfriend.
  • Write as frequently or infrequently as you like. It’s just for fun, there’s no commitment.
  • All posts are edited before publishing, so no worries – someone will be checking your work.
  • Want to be anonymous? You’re welcome to write under a pseudonym, if you like.

How to Become a Contributor:

If you’re interested in participating and feel that your writing style fits in with the tone of our site,
we’d love to have you join us. You can read more details in our post on the subject, We Want Your Island Stories!

Getting started is simple – write yourself a short bio
(you can see examples on the Meet the Women page; don’t forget to include what you’d like us to list for you
under “Originally Hails From,” “Island Girl Since,” and “Current Rock of Residence” please)
and email it to along with a picture you’d like to accompany it.
We’ll get you hooked into the site so you can write whenever the island muse strikes you.

Women Who Live On Rocks
Keep in touch with the tropics!

Keep in touch with the tropics!


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