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A Matzo-free Island

There are many adventures to be had on an island in the Lesser Antilles, but I hadn't anticipated one 2,900 years in the making. But hey, I guess that's just island life. Let me elaborate. First, a little background about myself. I'm Jewish. Not in a religious, going...

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A Green Christmas in Aruba

It’s hot and sticky outside and my neighbor, Poor John, is blasting "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas" from his house, which seems surreal since the island is turning green... definitively not white. Sinterklaas visits homes tomorrow evening with his Zwarte Piet, and...

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Dreaming of a White Christmas

Sometimes people ask me, "Are there any downsides to living on a beautiful tropical island?" Even in the asking, you can tell they're thinking it's impossible for there to be anything that could make all the white sand beaches not worth it. But of course there are...

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Island Ingenuity: Christmas Edition

'Twas three weeks before Christmas with family arriving, when I sought holiday décor to enjoy when not diving. All through the island, not a tree was in stock; the supplier had cancelled, to my open-mouthed shock. “No tree?!” I cried, and said to myself, Well, what...

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