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How Our Big Island Family Beats The Heat

Does your island have different types of weather on different areas of the island? My rock in Fiji definitely does. One side is known for its wet weather and the other side of the island is known for being hot and dry. I've lived on this rock for practically all of my...

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Letting Island Kids Do The Translating

I live on an island where I don’t speak the two main languages fluently (or moderately, for that matter). Yes, you got that right - languages. Mauritian Creole and French are the languages most commonly spoken on my rock, Mauritius. Basic English is also taught in...

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Cash is King of the Rock

I’ve spent a lot of time living on islands these past few years, and there are a few constants that one finds on just about any island. “Tomorrow” means “not today,” and nothing more. It does not signify a specific day in the future, and almost certainly does not...

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To Riding Out The Squalls

I was sitting outside at home on our porch. We live in Windwardside, one of the four villages on our rock. Obviously, it’s the windy side of the island. It was the last Friday of the summer break; on Monday I would have to start teaching again. I was both looking...

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