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Cash is King of the Rock

I’ve spent a lot of time living on islands these past few years, and there are a few constants that one finds on just about any island. “Tomorrow” means “not today,” and nothing more. It does not signify a specific day in the future, and almost certainly does not...

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To Riding Out The Squalls

I was sitting outside at home on our porch. We live in Windwardside, one of the four villages on our rock. Obviously, it’s the windy side of the island. It was the last Friday of the summer break; on Monday I would have to start teaching again. I was both looking...

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Island Driving for Introverts

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to drive atop the Great Wall of China at 40 km/h? I can't say I ever did, though these days, I find myself driving the equivalent on my rock every single day. As I blindly reverse up the steep street my car is parked on, I...

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Casualties of an Island Laundry Day

I now have what's called a "Saba Washer," or, as I like to call it, a fancy gallon bucket. This might seem “cute” and maybe even a little romantic if your idyllic island existence comprises of you and possibly your partner. I, however, am five humans deep in soiled...

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A Tale of Two Laundry: A Poem

Let’s take a moment, and tell you a tale of a girl who has lived and grown up on either sides of this world. She hails from the States, where doing laundry is a piece of cake. She buys large tubs of Persil and Tide, never worries that colors will fade and hide. The...

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