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Tradeoffs I’m Happy To Make For Island Life

There is a certain level of excitement one gets when going on a road trip that you don't feel when flying. Yes, you dread sitting in the car all day, but you can listen to road trip music the entire time, eat snacks you don’t normally eat, and your journey often has...

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Island Map Mishaps

Maybe it’s because I’ve had a rough go at it this week trying to find places on my rock, or maybe it’s because living here for over a year and constantly failing at finding places has finally caught up with me, but I need to talk about directions on my island. I'm...

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How Social Media Rocks Our Rock

Facebook is the watering hole of our island, Saba. Public announcements of town hall meetings, notices of planned power outages, personal invitations, classifieds, lost and found, hurricane updates, obituaries - you can find all these and more on Facebook. If you hear...

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Island in Bloom

Living on an island is not just about the amazing blue water, the soft sand at the beach, time spent paddle-boarding, and soul-refreshing cocktails. Don't get me wrong - those are all MAJOR PROS to tropical living, but island life is still life. We islanders can get...

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