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Jadine was born in Boston, though her most recent years have been spent in New York City. One day, she found the gall to walk into her corporate job to tell the department heads that she was chucking the deuces and heading off to do her own thing – a move to a small, confined island to start a business and a relationship. Home for Jadine is now a 166 square mile rock in the Caribbean sea. Barbados is the birthplace of her father and during frequent childhood visits, Jadine fell into a weird, cosmic love affair with the rock, complete with fireworks, sparklers, and dancers. And now here she is, reunited with the rock she loves, embarking on a lifestyle that’s incomparable to anything she’s ever known; wine is expensive, zetar vans are faster than a mini jet, and local wit can be sharper than a serpent’s tooth.

The famous saying, If you can make it in New York City, you can make it anywhere, has been proven false in Jadine’s case. After time on the rock, she now believes wholeheartedly that if you can make it on an island like Barbados, then you can take over the world! (Jadine really hopes this statement is proven true.)

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