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The Science Behind Our Connection to Water

As Islanders we all know we feel better when we're at the beach or in the sea. Well, did you know there's some strong science behind it? I wanted to share this interesting article from Cottage Life that I happened upon this week. We don't need science to tell us about...

Hating the Sound of My Voice

Let me tell you, being part of Women Who Live on Rocks has been absolutely wonderful so far! I've had the chance to meet so many amazing women from all over the world. I've learned a lot about what island life is like for others and how we all share many things in...

I Want to Age Like Sea Glass

I want to age like sea glass, Smoothed by tides, but not broken. I want my hard edges to soften. I want to ride the waves and go with the flow. I want to catch a wave and let it carry me to where I belong. I want to be picked up and held gently by those who delight in...

A Guide to Island House Guests

One of the biggest joys of island living is hosting friends and family—spending time with those you hold nearest and dearest, and showing off your little slice of paradise. Except... when it's not joyful and you want to spend their entire visit in a boat... On the...

New at the Helm

Here's an understatement for you - the first half of 2020 has been a challenge! Our resolve has been tested on all fronts imaginable. My daughter said that we are starting 2020 1/2 on July 1 so I am hoping for some rosier days ahead and may even celebrate New Half...

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