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When a Hurricane Forces Your Island Breakup

"It was love at first sight." "We are meant to be together." "We're soul mates." "We've had a torrid love affair." "We're not getting along right now." "We need a break." These are all phrases I have heard islanders use in reference to their relationships with their...

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How Island Time Moves Both Fast and Slow

Before we moved to our rock, while we were still considering the idea and researching what we were actually getting ourselves into, the number one piece of advice that we kept coming across was: Be patient and have patience. One thing was clear: We were on our way...

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The Big Move: From a Rock to a Boat

Back when I was making my life plan, I definitely thought that by the time I was nearly 32 I'd be married in my home state with two kids. Instead, I find myself living out an alternative, beautiful dream as an Island Girl/Aspiring Mermaid/Lobster Diver and finally -...

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Sex and the Single Island Girl Over 40

They are single, they are fabulous, they are island girls, and they are over 40. The Caribbean is a fantastic place to live - I have said it again and again. But I'd recently got to wondering if the same was true for those who are here and not a part of a couple like...

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Why Islanders Have More Sex

This may be one of the best well-kept secrets of island living: we are *horny* here. Not like a little bit horny, but straight out, teenage-frenzy-horny. Have you ever noticed that you feel a bit more, ahem, amorous while on a beach vacation? Maybe it's the sun, sand,...

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