Current Rock of Residence:

Limassol, Cyprus

Island Girl Since:


Originally Hails From:

Gothenburg, Sweden

Dragged to Cyprus on vacation by her best friend, some horrifyingly high number of years ago, Christina so did not want to spend her hard-earned holiday in an expat-friendly environment. No, she wanted to travel to a much more original and exotic destination and be free from all Swedish influence and only meet with interesting locals.

The three weeks they spent on this rock that summer so long ago did not exactly live up to Christina’s expectations. Although they managed to mix in some ancient culture sightseeing between bar-hopping and yes, they did meet with quite a few of the local people (mostly men in bars) but nevertheless, she somehow managed to make this rock her home, raised her two wonderful kids here all while working in various establishments ranging from having her own creperie to selling BBQ spare ribs out of a van.

She can’t say she’s regretted it one single day. Living in the sun has made her a better person, a more relaxed and tolerating individual, and why would she want to change that?

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