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Nassau, Bahamas

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Connecticut, USA

Maybe it was fate that brought Debi to the islands. In 1998, while working at a Fortune 500 in the USA, Debi thought she landed her dream job managing the business relationship between the corporation and the 15+ islands in the Caribbean where privately held companies represented their brand. For more than 15 years, Debi got on a plane each Monday and visited a variety of islands, returning home to the US every Friday. That exposure built solid relationships on each rock, and when the corporate life collapsed in 2006, Debi was offered full-time employment with one of those privately held companies on a beautiful island.   Career and necessity moved her from Bermuda to Nassau, Bahamas where she has lived since 2011.

Juggling the job in the Bahamas while staying tight with family and friends far away, raising kids, maintaining a home, and caring for her aging parents has proven more than a full-time challenge, but Debi has managed to keep the balls juggling. When she is not at work or planning her next travels, Debi takes advantage of all the beautiful days of sunshine and crystal blue waters. With a good book, an iPod full of music, and a bit of sunscreen, you can usually find her under a palm tree at the beach. A tight circle of younger friends on Nassau have kept her content and connected while sharing lots of wine and laughter during the long stretches away from the mainland.

In 2014, Debi decided to share her island life by opening her spare bedroom and bath to Airbnb guests. This has proven to be her sanity and savior. Sharing her island experience with those from all over the planet who have dreamed of a visit to The Bahamas has given her a new appreciation and perspective on how lucky she actually is to live in paradise!

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