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The Cycle of Island Friendships

Having a hard time coming to terms with the transient island life yet? Early on in my rock life, I learnt the hard way what it means in reality to live in such a place where people come and go frequently, just like the oceans' tides. Living on an island with many...

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The Rum with the Punch

If you don’t have at least one bittersweet rum punch memory – or memory loss, as the case may be – you haven’t really been on one of the Windward Islands of the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean. The rum punch recipes are different all over the world. Every country and...

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Why Island Girls Need Pool Boys

I've found that life on a tropical island requires but a few simple necessities: flip flops, summer clothing, bug spray, rum, and, of course, a swimming pool to help you cope with the extremely humid, endless summer heat. I'd never had a swimming pool until I moved to...

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Where Naked is Overdressed

I suppose most people who grow up in climates of the frozen tundra dream of living on a tropical island. I spent every year I can recall of my adult life saving money to travel to warmer climates to escape the winter months of Minnesota. The destinations began...

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