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The Particular Freedom of Island Life

I cannot count the number of times people have compared living on a tropical island, at least in the Caribbean, to the 50's in the US. Neighbors know you and your business, watch your kids when they run around the block, wave from their front porch, and there's a lot...

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An Island Score That Ended Up Costing More

As many of you who have spent time in the Caribbean know, a washing machine can be quite an electric hog. My high efficiency washer here in the States would be impossible to run on my rock, the Dominican Republic. It may be water efficient and mostly energy efficient,...

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A Post-Hurricane Confession from a Rock Sister

Life on a rock has turned me into a weather geek, especially during hurricane season. That time of year, I check the updates on 6 different sites whenever the National Hurricane Center updates them (2:00, 5:00, 8:00, and 11:00). It’s just a wee bit obsessive, though...

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Island Living Debunked: D.R. Edition

When we embarked on our move to the Dominican Republic, it seemed like almost everyone we knew had an array of concerns on our behalf. "It's too dangerous! It's a third world country! You are going to get mugged!" Varying degrees of panic were being spouted from all...

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