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The 4 Stages of Island Fever

As anyone who lives on an island knows, the size of that island is inversely proportional to how quickly it will drive you mad. Here’s a handy graph for those who prefer to process things visually: Happily, there’s a cure for Island Fever (IF): It’s... read more

The 4 Stages of Expat Island Life

Life as an island expat consists of a few stages that you will inevitably go through in your personal journey on a rock. You may go through each stage in the order they’re presented or you may find that you bounce from one back to the other in a cyclical... read more

Downsizing for a Tropical Retirement

We had too much stuff. There was no way that all that had accumulated over 32 years of marriage, three kids, and a big home was going to fit into our retirement island home. We had been flirting with downsizing for a few years – now it was time to get serious. A... read more

Rocks Around the World

I recently met a new inhabitant of the rock I call home. It was she, a fully-signed up member of a rock community, who alerted me to Women Who Live on Rocks. Unsure as to the legitimacy of my claim as a true woman on a rock (considering I live on my island on and off... read more

Adulting is Hard

The Urban Dictionary defines adulting this way: “To do grown up things and hold responsibilities such as a 9-5 job, a mortgage, a car payment, or anything else that makes one think of grown-ups.” As a child, I always longed to be an adult. To me, being an... read more

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