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Becoming One with Island Nature

When I moved back to Jamaica, I was overjoyed to once more be able to cuddle my dogs. Having lived an extremely nomadic life, I felt it was irresponsible to have a pet, but I had grown up surrounded by cats, dogs, a turtle, a parrot, fish, and, well, any animal you...

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Island Fur Mommas Are Moms Too

I may not be suffering from the baby blues but for you moms out there, spare a thought for the dog rescuers who can’t bear to see another Fijian dog on the streets. I anticipate that I will be rescuing many a fur friend in life on this rock, but if I didn’t where would this exciting content come from? 

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Ode to an Island Dog

It was inevitable. Move to a Caribbean Island. Adopt a crazy island puppy. Fall irrevocably in love with puppy. Write a song about her. Unnecessarily, share song lyrics in an equally unnecessary post. But first, our story - in three acts.     ACT ONE Scene:...

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Island Volunteers at Work: SXM Paws

I have been living on the Dutch side of St. Maarten for a few years now. About 3 years ago, I started working with a rescue group called SXM PAWS. They rescue and re-home animals and find homes for unwanted puppies and kittens. They are a very nice group of people who...

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