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St. John, USVI

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February 2015

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Jennifer, her girlfriend, and their two French bulldogs decided to move to St. John after significant soul searching, careful financial consideration, and impeccable planning. As if! Instead, they made a crazy offer on a house while on vacation, were shocked when the mortgage came through, and left everything behind to come to a 7-mile long rock in the middle of the Caribbean with no plan. They still have no plan, but all the intoxicated people Jennifer keeps meeting assure her she’ll figure something out. In the meantime, she’ll be transcribing her adventures in island life where previously mundane activities – like going to get the mail – can have the dramatic arc of a great Russian novel. To follow more of her adventures, check out her blog, Detached and Amused.

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Ode to an Island Dog

It was inevitable. Move to a Caribbean Island. Adopt a crazy island puppy. Fall irrevocably in love with puppy. Write a song about her. Unnecessarily, share song lyrics in an equally unnecessary post. But first, our story - in three acts.     ACT ONE Scene:...

Bidding Farewell to my Island Home

My house, Sweet Spice, was destroyed when Hurricane Irma slammed into St. John. Luckily, I was not in it. I was traveling in the states with my girlfriend and our two dogs on a pre-planned trip to visit family. Like many people stateside, I could not get any...

The Island Running Obstacle Course

Like most runners, I care about my time. Not enough to invest in fancy technology, but enough to consult my analogue wrist-watch when I start out and when I get back. Given the elevations of my island runs, I expect to have slower times compared to my flat mainland...

Island Wedding Crashers

There is something about the heat and fecundity of the tropics that makes the natural world supernatural. Unexpected downpours become providential punishments; languid hillsides become mocking observers. In literature, it's called magical realism. On my Caribbean...

A Matzo-free Island

There are many adventures to be had on an island in the Lesser Antilles, but I hadn't anticipated one 2,900 years in the making. But hey, I guess that's just island life. Let me elaborate. First, a little background about myself. I'm Jewish. Not in a religious, going...

The Cure for the Seven Year Itch

Some might say I have a seven year itch. At Year Seven, I've vanished like a thief in the night multiple times. There's something about the accumulation of seven years worth of clothing, furniture, and decorations that makes me want to deny all worldly possessions and...

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