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Amanda is just like so many other rock denizens… she went on vacation, fell in love, and never went back. Although, she actually fell in love with both the rock and a guy! They spent their first 3 years together on the rock of Roatan, part of the Bay Islands of Honduras, living on the beach and diving the depths. From there, they moved to the sadly-not-tropical rocks of Great Britain and then Ireland. The lack of sunshine was a problem (duh), so they listened to the siren call of another sun-soaked rock: Malta. From the Caribbean to the North Sea to the Mediterranean…it’s been an adventure and it ain’t over yet! You can read all about it and gain plenty of expat tips on her personal site.

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How to Travel Off Your Island as a Pet Owner

House and pet sitters can help any island dweller to travel off the rock, leaving their homes and pets safely behind. Find out how house and pet sitting works so you can find a sitter for your furbabies the next time you leave the rock.

The Luxury of Getting Lost

It's no secret that island driving is a beast in its own right. Between curvy roads, wild taxi drivers, and tourists running amok, no road could possibly be deemed "safe" on any island. But that's all part of the adventure, right? Here's the little bonus part of that...

Island Life PSA: Ceviche Burns

THE BACKSTORY Here in the Caribbean, the waters around our rocks are being invaded (and no, I am not referring to tourists on cruise ships). An infestation of lionfish has taken over and is currently destroying our beautiful reefs. Lionfish belong in the Pacific...

A Crash Course in Island Scootering

"Just treat it like you're playing a video game," he tells me. "Except don't crash - you don't get to start over like in a video game." Helpful hints from my loving boyfriend. Of course, what he doesn't realize is that I've probably only played about 1% of the video...

What NOT to Pack for your Caribbean Vacation

So you're planning a trip to the Caribbean? Awesome! Curious about what you should pack? No problemo, I've got you covered. Just promise me you'll pay attention and heed my words. Here it is - you ready for this? Don't pack. I mean it. Packing involves stuffing stuff...

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