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Sweetheartin’ in Paradise: Island Infidelity

I didn’t just fall off a turnip truck, ya know. Okay, who really says that? Maybe my great-grandmother’s generation... Translation: I wasn’t born yesterday. I know what’s going on. Reality is, men play around. It’s a truth I learned early and a loss of innocence I...

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The Varied Drinking Cultures Across Islands

We Brits seem to be infamous for our binge drinking. Friday night in the UK is the night when everyone makes the most of it, though it's kind of an unwritten rule there that you do not drink on a school night. Perhaps this is the reason why Brits gets so excited to go...

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When Islanders Come Calling

On this rock, people here tend to consider the nation among the trendiest in the world. It is like a religion - an opioid, even. We boast about our First World status because we supposedly qualify by having the latest, the best, the newest of everything imaginable....

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Carnival Never Done: Playing Mas at 50

Turning 50 was a huge moment for me. I celebrated for a full year, trying out many new things along the way. I gained a simple understanding of golf terms; I bought and wore my first pair of shorts (I am queen of the maxi skirt, tunics, and pant/jeggings); and I even...

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5 Prickly Truths About Island Life

Life on an island is not quite what it's made out to be. The picture of a life where islanders can live off of fishing, drinking coconut water, and binging on tropical fruits is not exactly legitimate. We islanders need to work, and we often hate Mondays just like...

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The Rum with the Punch

If you don’t have at least one bittersweet rum punch memory – or memory loss, as the case may be – you haven’t really been on one of the Windward Islands of the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean. The rum punch recipes are different all over the world. Every country and...

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