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Donna has a double major degree in History and Politics. She taught history at a high school level, but had to high-tail out of the classroom when her best efforts couldn’t get her students to take greater interest in dead historical figures, stories of back in the days, rather than stories about her boyfriend and how she spends her weekends. Classic case of how history killed the history teacher.

An Aquarian, she swears she is the quintessential Mad Hatter of the Lewis Carroll Mad Hatters, who coincidentally was Aquarian himself. She’s positive that if anyone should Google mad, they would see her name and quite possibly her picture sitting proudly alongside any definition. She definitely understands why the daffodil is her astrological flower and she lives her daffy well.

She loves dolphins, parrots, cats, and chimps. She could be called, “The Cat Lady,” though not so much in the usual sense, because she has never met a cat that for some reason, didn’t make that instant connection to her. Suffice it say, she has become totally convinced that without a doubt, she must have been a cat in another life which is why there’s this uncanny feline connection.

Donna has no children but like cats, though children do seem to be very at ease with her. She guesses that they recognize the Peter Pan in her, the child that continues to live on. She lives motherhood vicariously through the love she heaps on two nieces and a nephew because she knows she is a better aunt than she would be a mother. As a mother, she would be giving in to their every whim. So little Peyton or Morgan would be eating pizza, ice cream, and all the no-no foodies all the time and Mom would be in and out of Mommy jail. So children and the world have been saved from this bohemian, free spirit, mad woman.

Donna loves humour and considers it an imperative attribute she says you need if you want to survive life on her rock. She knows that laughing at yourself is what helps everyone get through on her rock and so laugh she does. Humour is why she’s here.

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