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Nazra works at a secondary school where she teaches to teenagers. She teaches English Language, Literature, and Performing Arts. Her hobbies include watercolour painting, acrylic pouring, belly-dancing, writing and poetry.

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An Island Woman at the Wheel

Female drivers can have such contradictory reputations on my island, with island men selecting which one they'd like to highlight based on how it serves their needs. On one hand, whenever a car is for sale on Mauritius, men lead their sales pitch with, "the car was...

5 Prickly Truths About Island Life

Life on an island is not quite what it's made out to be. The picture of a life where islanders can live off of fishing, drinking coconut water, and binging on tropical fruits is not exactly legitimate. We islanders need to work, and we often hate Mondays just like...

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