Written By:

Gail M

Current Rock of Residence:

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Island Girl Since:


Originally Hails From:

Calgary, Canada

Gail is a retired dietitian, sometime writer, and mom of two wonderful grown-ups. She and her husband of 27 years moved to Grand Cayman in late December of 2014. After years of visiting their condo and quietly moving their household belongings in suitcases, they put their plan to permanently escape cold weather into motion, leaving their children homeless.

Gail spends her time pinching herself and acting as amateur part time travel agent. She would love to spend more time on what her friends call “Gail’s Island,” but few members of the family visit, so she and her husband have to go see them in Canada. So much for avoiding the cold weather! When people do visit, Gail is in her element, visiting stingrays, diving, snorkeling, and playing tourist along with her guests.

Her days revolve around studying languages, swimming, yoga, and food. She and her husband love music and travel, and they love to eat, cook, sample wine, and watch tennis and soccer (or football, as they say on the island). Sometimes they are able to combine all of these in one trip, but they are always thrilled to come home to their little patch of paradise, clean the iguana poo off the deck, and enjoy island life.

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