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Central Coast and Sydney, Australia

Keara’s only aspiration growing up was to become a famous chef and travel the world. After her hotel school training and halfway through her apprenticeship, she came to the realization that she preferred cooking at home for friends and family and not as a career. Back to university, she went to get her Bachelor of Business in Hotel Management. Studying full time and working 3 jobs to make ends meet, she started questioning her life path once more.

In walks Mr. Smooth-French-Talking-Mauritian, a colleague who she had worked with for many years who shared her love of good music, food, wine, and coffee. He convinced Keara to leave the arduous hospitality industry and follow him to Mauritius. After a magical island holiday, Keara returned to reality, left the hospitality industry, and pursued her other passion: event management in the corporate arena, and found herself traveling around Australia managing events with a happy work life balance.

After nine years of countless holidays together to the beautiful island of Mauritius, two weddings (one in Australia and one in Mauritius), and two gorgeous kids, they decided to make the holiday permanent, packing up their home in Australia and moving across the sea to a little town on the West Coast of the island.

Any island dweller will tell you that living on a tropical island and holiday-ing there are two separate things entirely. Let’s just say that the transition was not all smooth sailing, especially with two adorable yet mischievous children and the lack of decent affordable red wine.

Until Keara finally finds the time to start writing full time, you can follow her Instagram for pics and updates on her crazy kid-filled Mauritian life.

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