Current Rock of Residence:

Fiji Islands, South Pacific

Island Girl Since:

Born and Raised

Originally Hails From:

Fiji Islands, South Pacific

Miliana was born and raised on different parts of the rock she currently lives on. She studied in Australia for about 5 years back in 1998 until 2002 when she returned home.

She is a mother of five with a demanding job and a supportive husband. She also has a small group of friends that she tends to have de-stress sessions with.

Miliana enjoys writing as a part-time hobby and would like to share some of her experiences from her side of the rock.

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Rugby in Fiji: Not Just for Men Anymore

Every country has a sport that its citizens are particularly passionate about. For Fiji, that sport is rugby. Yes, rugby - that sport where you get to watch players hurling themselves fearlessly onto the opposing team members who will try their best to get an...

Born on a Rock: Journey of a Pacific Island Woman

I was born on a rock. I was brought up on a rock. I am a proud island woman who is happy and proud of my experiences, roots, culture, family, and friends. I was in born the late 70s. My rock in Fiji was mostly made up of dusty roads and towns back in those days. My...

How Our Big Island Family Beats The Heat

Does your island have different types of weather on different areas of the island? My rock in Fiji definitely does. One side is known for its wet weather and the other side of the island is known for being hot and dry. I've lived on this rock for practically all of my...

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