It’s fair to say that the Summer of 2020 was a bust, and we just had to accept that. But kids still look forward to summer. Can you blame them? We did too. Summer is one of the most exciting seasons of the year. So, I spent a few weeks racking by brain, trying to figure out how to make summertime in 2021 special for my daughter.

In some places, curfews and lockdowns might still be the order of the day (that is the case where I live). But here are a few summer ideas I came up with no matter what situation our communities may be in at the time.

  1. Beach Trip and Hike. This summer, go to the beach and explore. Carry your buckets and shovels and build an amazing castle. Why not plan your castle before heading to the beach? Explore the beach and find something interesting. Make your time there memorable for the whole family.
  2. Horseback Riding. If there are any equestrian parks nearby, this is a great way to have fun outdoors.
  3. Petting Zoos. There are quaint petting zoos or even farms that may be willing to have you and your family come by.
  4. Go on a Hunt for Fruits. In the Caribbean, summertime is the season for an array of fruits. If that is the case where you live, why not go on a hunt for fruits and then try new recipes incorporating the fruits you collected?
  5. Science Project. Ever wondered what potatoes and electricity have in common or how tornadoes are formed? This summer might be the right time to find out.
  6. Craft Project. Imagine everyone in the family working on a craft project that can improve your home, like building a bookshelf. What about collecting and painting stones or rocks for your garden.
  7. Puzzle. Puzzles come in all sizes. Challenge yourselves and start a puzzle that might take you the whole summer to complete. Then, frame it!

Don’t let this summer fizzle out. Enjoy!

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Born on St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands, Krystina Powells presently enjoys the tropics with her husband and daughter. She is a skilled builder of anything out of cardboard and an expert at playing hide-and-seek to entertain a very energetic four-year-old. When Krystina isn't “loving” homeschooling during COVID-19, you'll find her juggling between being a mother, a wife, a small business owner, a blogger, and an author of novels based in the Caribbean. When she felt the pull to tell romantic stories set in the Caribbean, Krystina decided to honor the legacy of her maternal grandmother and paternal great-grandmother and the storytellers in her family by adopting the pen name Krystina Powells. Although history, storytelling, and writing are a few of Krystina’s passions, it is her time with family that she treasures the most. Krystina’s life and experiences in the Caribbean inspire her to take readers on a journey that goes far beyond the beaches and into the hearts and homes of local people--like your parents’ reaction the first time you dared to let out a chupse in their presence. Feel the Caribbean vibe, hear the laughter, and experience life and love from a genuinely unique perspective. Krystina Powells playfully addresses issues that some may shy away from while focusing on the often forgotten jewels of the sea which many call ‘home’.

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