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November 2006

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New Jersey, USA

Stacy Baumann left New Jersey 11 years ago and never looked back. Stacy’s a mild mannered mother, freelance writer, and aspiring novelist by day; in the evening, under the stars, she makes up amazing adventures for the characters that live in her head.

Stacy enjoys long walks with specific destinations and living “the Hobbit life” with her mate, their progeny, and two gorgeous cats with diagnosable personality disorders.

You can follow the adventures of Stacy and the coolest little blind dude on Aruba at Beyond the Darkness or on Instagram @lend_me_your_eye.

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A Tale of Two Arubas Part III

By now, you’re probably wondering. “What the hell, Stacy? I thought you were going to tell me the tale of two Arubas but so far you’ve just cycled from misery, to happy insanity, to abject misery back again.”   What can I say? Life’s a wild ride sometimes.  ...

A Tale of Two Arubas Part II

   Where was I? Oh, yes...2005. The Eagles mocked me with ‘No More Cloudy Days’ during my cab ride home from the airport, on a decidedly cloudy day, ‘Harry Potter and Half-Blood Prince’ was waiting (rather unmagically dust-encrusted) to be read and there were...

A Tale of Two Arubas: Part I

I’m going to tell you guys a little secret, the first time I visited an island, I absolutely hated it. At that time, I couldn't possibly imagine living my life on a... ON A ROCK, in the ocean, with no Target or CVS. I was positively befuddled by those who chose island...

Is Your Island… Haunted?

Halloween is upon us once again. In Aruba, we might lack brightly colored, Fall foliage, jack-o'-lanterns on our front doorsteps, and a crisp autumnal chill in the air, but when it comes to ghost stories... we’ve got those in spades. Ready to take a walk on my...

One Way to Avoid Disturbing the Eco Balance of an Island

I have a confession to make. In my early days on Aruba, I committed a crime against nature, and what’s worse – I took a picture of it and posted it on my MySpace account. As far as crime scene pictures go, this one was stunningly beautiful: a stack of rocks about 2...

Why You Shouldn’t Hate Me When I Post Beach Pics In Winter

Alternately Titled: It Hasn’t Rained in 3 Freaking Months - Why the Hell are There Still So Many Mosquitoes?!   I moved from New Jersey to Aruba in November of 2006. Social media blossomed around me as I settled into my island life and eventually gave birth to my...

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