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St. Croix, USVI

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The Frigid Midwest of the US

Like many of life’s best and ballsiest decisions, Sabrina’s choice to move to the Caribbean was made on a drunken whim. Her aunt stated matter-of-factly that she should move to St. Croix, and the heavens parted and she saw the light… or maybe it was that the room started spinning as a side effect of the rum… Either way, when asking one of life’s greatest questions – Why not?” – she couldn’t come up with a good enough answer to keep her from diving in. Thus began the adventure of scooping up a dog, a cat, two small children, and a husband from a humdrum life in the Midwest US and moving to the picturesque Caribbean to pursue the proverbial “American Dream” of being a stay-at-home mom and part-time pirate. A reformed glamour girl turned island hippie, Sabrina traded her make-up, stilettos, and flat iron in favor of flip flops, lipgloss, and a never-ending supply of swimsuits. She finds humor (usually the ironic kind) just about everywhere in the island lifestyle, and you can discover and laugh with her via #IslandGirlProblems on Facebook.

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