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Elizabeth is a criminal barrister from England – if you’re imagining a wig and gown then you’d be right. She met her partner whilst on holiday in Antigua and a few short months later, decided to ditch her career (including the 5am train journeys, the trips to prison cells, and the shouting judges) for a life in the sunshine.
Island life has allowed Elizabeth to regain a completely different work-life balance to living in London. She is a keen sailor and has a passion for the environment, food, and the theatre and opera. She is an avid follower of legal and current affairs, but can also as frequently be found photographing her food (blame a year living in Singapore for that habit), or doing beach cleans to get rid of plastic waste. Elizabeth now spends her days helping her partner run the restaurant he owns, sailing on the weekends, and exploring the “Land of Sea and Sun.” You can follow her island days on Instagram @garcia_e_lj.

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