Current Rock of Residence:

Tortola, BVI

Island Girl Since:


Originally Hails From:

Annapolis, MD

Claudia lives in the BVI on Tortola though technically, she doesn’t live on the rock. She really lives on a sailboat attached to a piece of wood that’s attached to the rock. Close enough. In a prior life, she worked in real estate and asset management and did the whole rat race, soccer/karate mom, weekend warrior, high heels, BMW thing (yawn). But secretly, she and her husband were planning their getaway. Finally in 2012, they sailed south on the heels of Hurricane Sandy (oh, how aptly named) and headed for, well, the sand. They checked out most of the Caribbean for a year with their 2 kids (“boy” and “girl”), and when eating rice & beans was looking like a 5 star meal, they decided to get work. The BVI offered a place to stay, friends, beach bars, full moon parties, and a paycheck. Claudia’s enjoying having her proverbial head and literal toes buried in the sands of island life, even if not a day passes when she sees/hears something that makes her crack up (like the guy directing traffic at a construction site on the side of the road – with a machete…).

She’s also a holistic health coach. You can check that gig out at Heath That Fits (spoiler: she recommends lots of veggies).

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