Written By:

Current Rock of Residence:

Grand Cayman

Island Girl Since:

August 2016

Originally Hails From:

Manchester, UK

Emily is a relatively new island girl, having called Grand Cayman her home for just over 2 years. At first she wasn’t sure it was for her, but after getting past the culture shock of island time, island cars, and year-round humidity, she started to fall in love with the tropics – and all of its quirks!

She works by day as a music teacher, educating children in the art of woodwind and piano all over Grand Cayman; and works by night as a professional musician entertaining patrons in hotel bars with chilled out saxophone tunes. When not working she loves spending time on her rock animal spotting, drinking prosecco, and swimming in the ocean as the sun is setting (sometimes all three at the same time!).

Although sometimes she misses the bustle of the city and the chill of a winter’s day back in England, Emily has slowly found herself evolving into a real island girl who can appreciate the laid back Caribbean state of mind and the many joys that come from living in paradise. She still likes to get off the rock every now and then for an adventure though!
For more on Emily and her adventures, check out her blog Letters to England or follow her on Instagram.

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This week we started our WWLOR Book Circle with a group of women from all over the world. Our first meeting was full of lively discussion. We all agreed that reading is like travel for the soul so I thought I would just refresh your memory with some great island reads...

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If Once You Have Slept on An Island

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Link Up Local

Link Up Local

Either you are into searching, scouting and finding out new, (yeah, new what??), new everything or you are not. I belong to the first category.  For me part of living on a Rock is embracing the style/ways and quirkiness of that Rock. Having moved to a new Rock a year...

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