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Kristine, a baby boomer from Dayton, Ohio (of all places!), wore many different caps during the first forty-five years of her life. She was a daughter, mother, wife, artist, florist, horse trainer, and gallery manager before she migrated to Dominica, where she accidentally became the owner of a seaside café. Her recently published memoir, A Face in the River, tells the colorful tale of the perplexing cross-cultural lessons she learned while getting to know the island. Some were enlightening, some hilarious, while others were downright shocking. Although the local man she initially fell in love with broke her heart, she never imagined tucking her tail and running back to the States. She never gave up on fulfilling her dream of paradise.

For the past 15 years, she has dwelled on the edge of the rainforest where she writes, farms, and raises Ridgeback dogs. In a hand-built house surrounded by tropical wonders and rootsy, down-to-earth neighbors, she is committed to translating the true spirit of “The Nature Island” into words. To date, she has written three novels, two novellas, a collection of short stories for Young Adults, and plenty of other short fiction. No writer’s block for this rock-based woman! How could she ever run out of fascinating plots or interesting characters while living in such a magical place?

You can check out more of what Kristine’s up to on her personal website.

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