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Roatan, Honduras

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Nov 2012

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Bellingham, WA

Deb decided in 2012 that the rest of her time on Earth was not going to be spent in a bra and 4″ heels (she wore clothes too) working for corporate America. It was time to go. The task of finding a suitable (sic) third world country to live in was done when they purchased land in 2007 on the island of Roatan in Honduras. The VORTEX sucked them in too. October 25, 2013 was the last day of life as they knew it in the US. They packed up 2 dogs and a cat and moved to their rock. Thirteen months later, their house is almost complete and they are still asking themselves, “What were we thinking?!”. In reality, it’s all good, they are going with the flow and weaving themselves into daily life on the rock. Their new mantras are: Mañana doesn’t mean tomorrow, it just means not today and Predictability is boring. Their life is anything but. You can read more about Deb’s experiences on her personal blog, Mermaid on a Raft.

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Jumping Through Those Island Hoops

In relocating to an island from the US, there are so many new things to wrap your head around. Practically everything is different - none more so than driving. On my island, you do not pump your own gas - ever - and driving here can be likened to suicide. You just...

The Power of the Coconut Telegraph

I woke up the other morning, fed my dogs their morning watermelon, ate breakfast, and checked Facebook (as usual) to see what was going on. The first thing I saw was a post from a well-known islander stating that the "new" transito laws were taking effect that day....

Island Bureaucracy At Its Finest

The VISA requirements on Roatan state that you can only stay for 90 days. You can extend your stay for an additional 30 days for $20 but after that, you must leave for at least 72 hours (and going to any of the C4 countries such as Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador or...

No Plates, No Problem! Or So I Thought…

Living in paradise can be an unreal experience on many levels - there is simply no way to anticipate some of the things that could/will/do happen to you. The absurd can often occur on the daily, leaving you shaking your head and earnestly wondering, WTH?? Take for...

Island Dogs Need Flip-Flops Too

I live in the middle of a tropical jungle in paradise. And not just a cutesy, Rudyard Kipling-type place - it is a real jungle. There are critters. Some of them freak me the hell out. I knew that it would be like this when I moved here, and so I'm dealing with it...

The Literal Pain in my Ass

As we settle into our new life on the rock of Roatan, we continue to cross milestones as we settle in as residents. Building our own house gave us plenty to check off the list. Needing medical care has been my latest expat adventure. I have recently discovered that...

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