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Dreaming of a White Christmas

Sometimes people ask me, “Are there any downsides to living on a beautiful tropical island?” Even in the asking, you can tell they’re thinking it’s impossible for there to be anything that could make all the white sand beaches not worth it. But... read more

The Island 15

Ahhh… The Island 15. What is it, you ask? Do you remember that first semester in college where you completely let go, ate whatever you wanted (chicken flavored Top Ramen noodles anyone?), had the late night munchies (thanks to everyone’s sweetest friend,... read more

How I Forgot I Live on an Epic Island

Before I got to this point – the point where I somehow forgot that I live on an epic island  – life was just slower, more social. I never got carried away with the day to day grind just because there was something I had to do. It was more important to take... read more

7 Island Trade-offs To Treasures

I am learning to live on a shoestring budget after taking a walloping salary cut when I moved to Aruba. Even though my modest teacher salary was almost cut in half, my income here is actually comparable to the average income for most Arubans, so I aptly adapted and am... read more

Hurricane Prep for Island OCDers

Living on a rock whose highest elevation is toe level to dear Mother Ocean, I take storms on the radar very seriously. So seriously that when a named storm rolls in our direction, the Weather Channel on the tele replaces my favourite easy-listening station on Alexa,... read more

Island Bureaucracy At Its Finest

The VISA requirements on Roatan state that you can only stay for 90 days. You can extend your stay for an additional 30 days for $20 but after that, you must leave for at least 72 hours (and going to any of the C4 countries such as Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador or... read more

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