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Dog Island, Florida

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Lexington, Massachusetts

Growing up near Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Laney could never stay away from the water. From her travels around North, South, and Central American waters including the Panama Canal, to the north Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea, she will always find where the next water-filled adventure awaits.

Recently, she moved with her husband and 5 kids out of her 5 bedroom house in the suburbs of Minneapolis into a two bedroom beach house on Dog Island, Florida. Dog Island is a small barrier island in the Gulf of Mexico accessible only by boat or airplane. Laney is navigating the challenges of living on a water access only island while taking care of a 9 month old and sending her kids to school daily on the mainland. You can connect with Laney on her blog, It’s a Waterfull Life.

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Looking on the Bright Side of Hurricane Michael

When you hear that a Category 3 hurricane is barreling towards your area, you know that it is nothing to mess around with. Although most of the models had the eye of the storm hitting about 50-60 miles to the west of us, we knew that our house on Dog Island was close...

Why We Need To Face Our Island Fears

"Do one thing that scares you everyday." - Eleanor Roosevelt Living on a subtropical island, it’s pretty easy to do things that scare you every day. Just moving down to the island was scary in and of itself, but I also found it a little invigorating when people told...

Tradeoffs I’m Happy To Make For Island Life

There is a certain level of excitement one gets when going on a road trip that you don't feel when flying. Yes, you dread sitting in the car all day, but you can listen to road trip music the entire time, eat snacks you don’t normally eat, and your journey often has...

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