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When the Ocean Calls

Hafa Adai! I’m an American girl from Small Town USA who, honestly, is just not that fond of living in the land of the free. When I happened upon the odd, little rock of Saipan, I fell in love. It’s small, it’s weird, it’s unconventional, it doesn’t make sense a lot of...

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Missing Friends and Family

You know, I get terribly maudlin when I drink champagne. Not that I'm going to stop drinking the stuff, obviously. That would be ridiculous. No, I just recognize that if I drink champagne and I match that to exactly the wrong time of the month, I'm in for a rough...

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The Starts and Stops of Island Living

My husband and I are 25 months into our adventure in island living.  The first year in Anguilla, we found it challenging to stay in touch with friends and family given their busy lives. Then COVID hit and “stay at home” orders provided a great opportunity for Zoom...

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Side Parts and Skinny Jeans

As someone who was born in 1985, grew up in the 90’s, lived through the invention of the internet, had to obtain CD’s with AOL minutes to be able to get on the internet while taking up the phone line and waiting minutes to connect and then for pages to load - I have...

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How Moving to An Island Has Changed Me

We are fast approaching the 7 year anniversary of the day we packed up our lives (including two little furry friends), threw caution to the wind, and embarked on what was supposed to be a 2 year journey in the Cayman Islands. With the intent of "trying out" a 2-year...

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Better Here Than There

Better Here Than There(But we knew that already.) Before I was aware of the pandemic, I had planned a trip to the States to renew my U.S. passport and check on my medical situation. Then air and seaports closed, and the only way out was to swim. When I called the U.S....

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