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The Downside of Selling Paradise

I probably have the BEST job in the world – selling paradise! Some days I get to stick my toes in the sand and other days I am touring mansions overlooking the blues of the Caribbean Sea. I like to consider my job title “St. Croix Ambassador” and most days are...

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Hard Habit to Break

When I moved to the Caribbean 23 years ago,I had never greeted someone with a kiss or even contemplated it.  I’d seen it done in movies, or when watching Ascot on television. The people that kissed on cheeks were ‘of a certain class’ and I certainly was not.  Then I moved to the islands. I quickly learned that meeting a stranger, usually an expat resident, was met with an immediate duck in for the kiss on the cheek. It felt jovial and friendly and warm. And strange.

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Back In The Day: Summer Pranking Island Style

For students, summer this year is not filled with that characteristic longing for school to end and thoughts of late nights, putting away the alarm clock and trips abroad before the "free paper" (as we love to call it in Jamaica) ends and it's back to school. The...

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Paradise during COVID-19 Lock Down….

Paradise during Lock-down. All of a sudden it became reality here on our tiny little piece of paradise as well… COVID-19. Sint Martin/Saint Martin is a 37 square mile island in the Caribbean and we are the smallest territory on the planet that is shared by 2 nations:...

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New at the Helm

Here's an understatement for you - the first half of 2020 has been a challenge! Our resolve has been tested on all fronts imaginable. My daughter said that we are starting 2020 1/2 on July 1 so I am hoping for some rosier days ahead and may even celebrate New Half...

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