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The Lack of Electricity…

As like every Island, Curacao has its positives and its negatives. Most of my time I will brag about my perfect island life and rub my gorgeous and colorful pictures under your nose. Beautiful beaches, endless happy hours and unique beach weddings. All within easy...

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5 Signs You Have Settled on Your Rock

Deciding to move to a rock is challenging, just as moving to any other country is. On a rock, however, there are different challenges you face that only people on a rock will understand. For one: they tend to be surrounded by water. This could limit your possibilities...

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Invasion of the Cockroaches

'Invasion of the Cockroaches', the title sounds like a cheap horror movie, but believe me, this was no movie. This was very, very real! I love animals, I really do, but four legs is my limit, that's where I draw the line. I don't like anything with six or eight legs...

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Don’t Worry ’bout a thing….

I've always been an anxious person - even when I was a kid. As a farmer's daughter, I worried about the weather. I obsessively checked the Weather Channel to determine if there was too much rain, not enough rain, or heaven forbid…hail in the forecast that would...

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The Perks of Living on a Tropical Rock

Living on a tropical rock has its perks. For one, wearing flip flops all year round is awesome. It saves you a lot of time: no need for shoelaces, washing dirty socks or spending hours trying on all kinds of different shoes till you find the perfect one. Flip flops...

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Walk like a West Indian

I'm probably showing my age but a seminal anthem of my youth was 'Walk like an Egyptian' by the original and phenomenal girl band 'The Bangles'.  Download it or watch the video on You Tube. Seeing is believing.  To be honest, I have no idea what inspired the song or...

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