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Justifying My Island Existence

“So, what do you do on a typical day?” It was the first time anyone asked me that particular question, but I took it the same way as the other questions we hear frequently from our friends and family back where we came from: “What do you do there?” or “How do you...

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The Cycle of Island Critters

Given the consistency of the Caribbean climate, seasons don't mean much on my island. In fact, I'm almost jealous of my family in Canada who segue from the gorgeous sunshine-drenched days of summer into the frosty white landscape of Winter. Now those are seasons. Here...

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Island Driving for Introverts

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to drive atop the Great Wall of China at 40 km/h? I can't say I ever did, though these days, I find myself driving the equivalent on my rock every single day. As I blindly reverse up the steep street my car is parked on, I...

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The 5 Worst Reasons to Quit Island Life

Island life is not for everyone. I was born and raised on an island. Then, I spent some years in a city only to move back to an even smaller island. I fit in with both locals and expats. I understand the arguments from both sides - talk about a life of confusion. The...

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When Dutch Marines Hit the Tropics

On our local news outlet, there was an article about the Dutch marines visiting Saba. Ladies, they are always quite the sight: a group of about twenty able-bodied, strong men in uniform with a leader and a purpose. They’re hard to miss: you can smell the testosterone...

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Harvesting Your Own Island Sea Salt

It's not all fun and games here in paradise. I mean, mostly it is - but there are some exceptions. Here's one. There's a very cool thing that happens here when we go through a drought, as we did earlier this year. Just behind an amazingly beautiful beach called Salt...

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