We have so many amazing women all over the world who love islands – many are lucky to live on islands and many just love the island vibe and try to replicate the laid back style and attitude whatever their latitude!

I want to start sharing the stories of some of these amazing women and give a little glimpse into how they incorporate island living into their life, wherever they call home. I hope others will allow me to share their stories also. Please let me know if you would like to be featured. 🙂

To start, I wanted to introduce my friend, Kerry (an island girl wannabe and regular Caribbean visitor).

Read all about Kerry here (taken directly from her blog):

She is the creator of Casually Coastal, and a lover of interior decorating, coastal decor, home improvement projects, beach vacations, and shopping. OK, maybe add margaritas to this list!

Born and raised in New England, she has been fortunate to live in proximity to some incredible coastlines. As a child, summer vacations with her family entailed spending time on Cape Cod and in Maine, and her best friend from college introduced her to Martha’s Vineyard many moons ago. Pure bliss. If you’ve never been to this adorable and charming island, add it to your travel bucket list. You’ll fall in love! ♥

Race Point Beach
Race Point Beach | Provincetown, MA

It’s no secret that New England winters can be brutal. She’s not relocating anytime soon though (she loves her family and friends too much!). She does however try to capture those feelings of summer on the coast and infuse them into her home decor and everyday life so that she can enjoy the serenity year-round. There’s simply nothing better than the soft hues of the sea, the laid back vibe, the sun and the sand. Throw in some Kenny Chesney tunes and she’s on cloud nine!

She and her sweet (and insanely patient!) husband Josh moved into their new-to-them home about five years ago and they’re slowly been dimming it’s 1990’s spirit, one weekend DIY project and renovation at a time. They still have many more projects to tackle though, and can’t wait to share them!

While the Casually Coastal blog serves as a creative outlet and a space for Kerry to share all of her personal interests (home decor, DIY, style, food + drink, as well as travel), she hopes to inspire you just the tiniest bit and that you enjoy following along!

Her amazing blog can be found at www.casuallycoastal.com.

Current Rock of Residence:

Cayman Brac, Cayman Islands

Island Girl Since:


Originally Hails From:


Originally from the Great White North of Canada, I am truly blessed to call the Cayman Islands home since 1994. Since here my life has been full with an amazing husband, two pretty fantastic kids (who are actually adults now), great friends from all over the world, a couple of cool dogs, numerous beverages, countless parties, wonderful visitors, various jobs with great coworkers, spectacular sunsets, breathtaking sea and a couple of hurricanes thrown into the mix to keep it all in perspective. I now share my little piece of paradise on one of the “sister islands” with my husband and a “Cayman mutt” from the local Humane Society and the kids when they need to thaw out.

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