I can still remember. I had such a relaxing appointment with my local aesthetician (pre-Covid, of course) and just FYI, I’m very into wellness and my face because uhmm…last time I checked my face is hella cute and so is yours (PREACH!). She cleansed my face and put a peeling on whilst the steamer was blowing steam in my face and opening my cute pores up. My adorable facial lady turned off the steamer rinsed my face and started analyzing.

My heart rate went up as she moved her soft hands along my face and almost send me into cardiac arrest when she said: “Oh Sweetie you have a cause of the squints! Look at these beginning crows’ feet around your eyes!”.

My initial reaction, in my head mind you, was to get up and leave because this woman is not catering to my facial and mental needs anymore.

“How dare she!”

Imagine me storming off like a total diva whilst flecking my boa around my neck. Girl bye!

But when my heart resuscitated I just surprisingly uttered “Oh really..?” She nodded kindly and asked me if I often forgot my sunglasses during the day. My mind wondered to all the times I forgot my sunglasses and squinted around town like a lost owl at daytime.


Okay, maybe she was right. Having recently moved to a Caribbean island I, understandably, keep forgetting my sunglasses. In Amsterdam you would be lucky if you had the sun shining and your eyes squinted when you looked up to check if that was actually indeed the sun (seeing is believing, right?). So, after advising me to remember to wear my sunglasses and retinol I went home and collected my infrequently used sunglasses and placed one next to my bed, one in my car, one in my living room next to my keys and one in my backpack.

Better safe than squinty, right?

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Liberal ex-Amsterdammer Nathania decided to trade cabaret and theatre for flip flops and windsurfing in 2017. Born an island chick but raised a city gyal in Europe, she now faces many cultural differences in Bonaire. Hey, at least there is no language barrier, so she can keep up with all the flirty island men.

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