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Life Lessons from an Erratic Island Cow

My first semester of medical school on the island of St. Vincent was full of new experiences. I particularly remember one day when I had to leave school early because I wasn’t feeling well and found myself waiting at the bus stop to catch a local dollar van. For those... read more

Patience and the Island Carwash

Patience is a virtue – a lesson anyone who has ever lived on an island learns in no time. Everything (and everyone) is slower here than I was used to. I use the past tense because this is what I’m used to now. We have lived here for almost eight months and... read more

Little Old Lady on a Rock

This is a little story about how to take advantage of being old on a rock. Being old is not known for being a ton of fun, in general, so we’ve got to get our kicks somehow, right? As a society, we’ve created all sorts of euphemisms to help us deal with our... read more

Patience and the Island Mechanic

We bought an island car which looks like it is right out of a cartoon. It is a two door Suzuki Jeep with plastic rear windows and a rag top. When driven by a large man, it looks like a Fred Flintstone car. The definition of an island car is essentially just,... read more

My Run-In With The Island Police

“Boom!” is all I heard as my green island Jeep collided with a big, stripe-y, police truck. Crap. Growing up in the city, I never understood why people felt the urge to drive. First, you’re stuck in a traffic jam for at least an hour. Then, as the... read more

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