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Island-style Cleaning Crew

Those of us who came to our rock from urban settings tend to be accustomed to living in sheltered environments where critters of all kinds were never to be seen inside a house, and preferably not outside either. In this way, moving to an island can require quite a bit...

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Becoming One with Island Nature

When I moved back to Jamaica, I was overjoyed to once more be able to cuddle my dogs. Having lived an extremely nomadic life, I felt it was irresponsible to have a pet, but I had grown up surrounded by cats, dogs, a turtle, a parrot, fish, and, well, any animal you...

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‘Tis the Season for Horror on the Rock

Summer is cockroach season in Bermuda. I remember clearly my horror at the roach I saw, days after arriving on island for the first time. The beast skittered across the floor of my children’s room, making its click click noises on its disgusting progress from...

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Island Escape Artist

Everyone who lives on an island has, at one time or another, had to deal with vermin. In the Dominican Republic, we’ve encountered mice, rats, snakes, scorpions, giant centipedes, tarantulas, lizards, and much, much more.   Though we’ve had several encounters with...

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It’s the Bugs’ Island, I’m Just Visiting

Anyone who knows me knows one unassailable fact: I hate bugs. I don’t mean I just don’t care for them. I am fairly certain that most people don't like bugs. Well, except for maybe entomologists. What I mean is I have an irrational and oversized fear of anything small...

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Are You Formicating on your Rock?

No… not fornicating – get your mind out of the gutter! That's an "m" there, not an "n." What in the world does formicating mean then? you may be asking. Well, it isn’t nearly as exciting as you may have initially thought - though it is quite relevant to island life....

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