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1968, but full time since 2013

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Chicago, USA

Maria has lived many lives in many places but has never felt happier than on her current rock in the sun, Grenada. In a former life, for many years she was a successful realtor in Chicago. Ironically, Maria has found buying a new pad in the Grenadian marketplace to have many plot twists… but she loves exploring, meeting new people, and growing a year-round garden in the sun.

One of Maria’s new missions is to communicate with folks back home and to teach them about the Spice Island – its unique produce, lively culture, and welcoming ways. Maria is an avid lover of life who seeks to try new foods and meet new people.

Back in a past life, Maria was a huge supporter of the opera, theatre, and was active in many civic organizations and causes. She has now limited her organizational involvement to being active in the Grenada Association of Retired Persons. She’s happy to share her adventure with her wonderful husband of many years. Together, they share a large family and love to show their kids and grandkids around their lovely island home.

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Except for 4 years in a small town in England, I’ve spent all my life in cities of varying sizes, in several different countries. Only 2 of the homes I’ve lived in had gardens and in neither had I attempted more than some experimental flower and vegetable plantings....

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This is a little story about how to take advantage of being old on a rock. Being old is not known for being a ton of fun, in general, so we've got to get our kicks somehow, right? As a society, we've created all sorts of euphemisms to help us deal with our aging:...

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We share our island world with many creatures of both the two and four-footed variety. To what degree the human islanders share depends on their particular tolerance level and general approach to critters. Hubby and I fall into the quite tolerant camp - but we do have...

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