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St. John, USVI

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February 2015

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Jennifer, her girlfriend, and their two French bulldogs decided to move to St. John after significant soul searching, careful financial consideration, and impeccable planning. As if! Instead, they made a crazy offer on a house while on vacation, were shocked when the mortgage came through, and left everything behind to come to a 7-mile long rock in the middle of the Caribbean with no plan. They still have no plan, but all the intoxicated people Jennifer keeps meeting assure her she’ll figure something out. In the meantime, she’ll be transcribing her adventures in island life where previously mundane activities – like going to get the mail – can have the dramatic arc of a great Russian novel. To follow more of her adventures, check out her blog, Detached and Amused.

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My Version of Paradise

It had been almost six months since I'd seen a movie in an actual movie theater when my girlfriend and I pulled into the parking lot of St. Thomas's multiplex. It was midday on a Monday in July and I'd just finished a grueling week at work. Instead of heading straight...

The Great Con of Island Time

I am always late. In middle school, I only made the school bus twice in three years. In high school, I was so consistently late that I was the only Honors student to receive Central Detention - ever. Lateness is endemic in my family. I spent a significant portion of...

Cane Toad Calamity

It started out as a wonderful evening. Our 13-year-old French bulldog Algernon had just won first place in the Best Old Timer's division at Wagapalooza. As the shadows lengthened on the ball field in Cruz Bay, I held Algernon up in the middle of the roaring crowd and...

One Awkward Island Greeting at a Time

I've got a friendly face. When I lived in New York City everyone thought I was from the Midwest or California, although I'd grown up only a half-hour away in the Jersey suburbs.  It might be my smile. It's huge and hangs across my face by default. Paired with a hello,...

To Drink or Not to Drink

I've always had a romantic notion of living off the grid. I have long dreamed of existing in harmony with nature, far away from the greedy and consuming pressures of modern society. A simple, harmless life nourished by the elements like Thoreau, or Kung Fu masters, or...

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