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Oahu, Hawaii

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July 2016

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Whether it was fate or a higher power (her choice) that led her to this site while looking for cures for island fever, Wendy was so excited to find this group of fellow island women.

She has lived on the island of Oahu for a year and a half (moved here July 1, 2016) and she expects to be here for at least three more. Though she must admit, she has a bit of a love-hate relationship with this island.

To answer the question of “original hails from” is tough for her. She landed on her rock because her husband is a military person and this is where the job put them. Before that, they were in Colorado Springs, their home of record is in Florida, but she was born in Ohio.  Technically, the longest she has lived in one place was in Florida, and they still own a house there, so that would be the answer to that question, she supposes.

They have one teenage son and a dog who is not fond of the water named Rocket (they are learning slowly to like – or at least, tolerate – the sea together).

Wendy has always loved writing and feels like this is a great way to connect with others and resolve a bit of the island fever issue! She works as a contractor for the Department of Labor and loves to paddle board and snorkel in her time off. She also volunteers with a turtle conservation group on the island.

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