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Sara is an avid reader, passionate yogi, and accidental island girl from the midwest. After cruising the Caribbean with her husband, they laughed about how much fun it would be to live on an island. With a mantra of no house, no kids, no regrets, they found themselves five months later in the St. Thomas airport with six suitcases, one set of golf clubs, and a 16 lb dog. Aside from learning to drive an island jeep named Rhonda and passionately seeking bugs in the house to destroy, Sara spends her days working with public relations and social media clients all over the world. Island life is teaching her a lot about just how many fantastic rum drinks exist, and a lot more about what really matters in life. You can read more about her escapades on her blog, Islanders from Iowa, and get a view into her island life by following her on Instagram @saramsherman.

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