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Roatan, Honduras

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Saskatchewan, Canada

Originally from the Great White North, land of the Eskimos and igloos (that’s what’s really up there in Canada, right?), Rika arrived on a Caribbean rock called Roatan in early 2012 on a holiday and learned to SCUBA dive. Then she came back a month later. Then she came back two months later. Then she came back and forgot to leave. Over 1200 dives (and rum punches) later, she is now a PADI Master SCUBA Diver Trainer and still gets a kick out of her divers being scared of nurse sharks. She’s learned many things from island living including how to live with slow internet, navigating muddy roads on a scooter and a fairly dirty dance move called the “wine”. She can now understand Spanish and speak island English like a local (her parents are very proud). Known around Roatan for being fearless (hacking up tarantulas with a machete when they venture too close to her house, or jumping off the top of a bar into the ocean for free shots), Rika has made many bad decisions on the rock that have turned into great stories…if you ply her with enough rum or a freshly-caught tuna, she’ll share. Follow her adventures and misadventures over on her blog, Cubicle Throwdown.

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The 3 D’s of Dating on Island

One of the first things that readers of my blog ask me when they meet me in real life is: Why don't you ever post about a boyfriend / dating, etc.? Other than the fact that this part of my life is usually not very entertaining, it's something I've always been hesitant...

Being a Tourist on Another Island is Weird

"No thanks, I'm not a tourist." The words fly out of my mouth on auto-pilot as the shaggy beach vendor registers a look of bewilderment on his face, his shell necklaces clacking around his hands. He cocks his head, studying me for a second, and finally shakes his head...

Things That Are No Longer Weird To Me

I'm coming up close on 2 years full-time on my rock of Roatan, and in that relatively short amount of time, I have found myself noticing things that were shocking at first, but I no longer bat an eye at now. It's funny how your entire perspective can change when...

Adventures in Island Banking

Going to the bank on the island of Roatan in Honduras is an adventure, to say the least. If you are from a first-world country, you will likely find the experience bewildering, frustrating, and/or just plain ridiculous, depending on the day. Locals and expats are...

All the Things the Expats Never Told Me

I moved to my rock, Roatan, after several lengthy vacations here. All of my expat friends seemed so cool - dive instructors, people running hostels, old guys who showed up and forgot to leave...the usual suspects. I spent hours sending emails and Skyping before the...

It’s a Jungle in Here

WARNING: IF YOU CAN'T HANDLE PHOTOS OF SNAKES OR SPIDERS, PRESS "BACK" ON YOUR BROWSER NOW! There - you've been warned. And here is a harmless lizard for you before the scary photos commence: I live on a beautiful island in the Western Caribbean called Roatan. In the...

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