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Megan originally hails from tiny Bermuda in the middle of the Atlantic. She spent her first 10 years there enjoying an idyllic childhood, then the next 15+ years shuffling between the US (NYC and NJ), Bermuda for long summers, and Christmas seasons in her late father’s native England before finally settling back in Bermuda in 2009. She is a Bermudian by birth, but because she was born to two expat parents (more on that later) and lived a good portion of her teen/adult years living abroad, she jokingly calls herself The Bermudian Expat.

In 2008, nursing a 5-year break-up, she was facing a “mid-life crisis” of sorts as she was nearing her 30th and feeling an uncontrollable itch to start over, even though she loved her career and the hustle and bustle of NYC. Alas, a year later she packed her bags and moved back to her island home with a job contract and a few hundred dollars, not certain how long she would stay. Living back in beautiful Bermuda has been a challenging adjustment with many ups and downs, but with double the amount of triumphs and opportunities she likely never would have had in many other areas such as becoming a rugby player, being part of a wine circle club, and SCUBA diving – to name a few.

While she is a beauty and massage therapist, part-time writer, and bartender – among other talents – she doesn’t ever define anyone by their titles, but rather by their character, how they treat others, and what they contribute to the world. An animal enthusiast/activist, lover of nature, the water, and water sports, photography, traveling, and more – she considers herself driven, ambitious, kind, passionate, slightly introverted, and a big dreamer/thinker. Megan prefers deep philosophical conversations over draining small talk and believes that a sense of humor vital to getting through life. She is thrilled to be a part of this fantastic group, to take up her love of writing, and is very enthusiastic to share so many stories about the idiosyncrasies of island life!

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