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The Right and Left of the Atlantic

Maura came to the British Virgin Islands on vacation last year and never left. A self-proclaimed sun worshipper, she dreads the day when the “real world” will beckon and she will have to migrate North once again. Island life is still a novelty and Maura gets alarmingly excited when she bumps into a friend unexpectedly – an occurrence that happens at least 5 times a day when you’re living on a 12-mile island. In a former life, high heels were a second skin and makeup was a staple of daily living. Nowadays, if she tries to wear anything other than flip flops, her feet will swell up and erupt into a thousand blisters. The wandering PR pro and freelance writer was born in New York and spent the last 15 years in Ireland so she is very excited to be warming her bones in the BVI after a lifetime of being cold.

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A Rock That Will Always Feel Like Home

This time last year, I was living and working in the British Virgin Islands with no intention of leaving. It was an exciting period in my life. And though I spent my first year on island working in an unfulfilling role, I was fortunate enough to find a new job and...

My Island Return: The Readjustment Diaries

I recently returned to my adopted rock of Tortola after living and working in Ireland for the last five months. I've only been back on island for two weeks and the readjustment process has ranged from wonderful and amazing to frustrating and annoying. For starters,...

My Two Rocks

For the last three months, I've been on hiatus from my life in the British Virgin Islands and have swapped my tropical rock of Tortola for my home rock of Ireland. I had been away from my home rock for a year and a half and wasn't sure how I was going to feel being...

A Change in Taste

Every year when Christmas has passed, I have to admit that I find myself missing the gaudy holiday décor that blanketed Tortola for a few weeks - weeks that I now think of as far too short. The flashing lights, inflatable Santas, and multi-coloured tinsel seemed to be...

Island Airwaves… Countrified.

When I moved to the Caribbean almost two years ago, the last thing I expected to hear on the radio was country western music. I expected Bob Marley, reggae, the sounds of steel drum bands – and maybe the odd Beach Boy song or two. But much to my surprise, of the...

Island Lazy

I used to take pride in my appearance and go to great lengths to always look "presentable". My nails were manicured, my hair was well-trimmed and blow-dried, and my footwear consisted of more than just Havaianas. I was a slave to high heels and would have no problem...

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