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North Carolina

“I love to travel, but it sure does feel good to be home,” said Mary – Never! That is, until she moved to Grand Cayman 1 ½ yrs ago. Although not her first landing as a resident on a rock, it was the first in nearly 30 years. During those long years, anyone in earshot tired of hearing her moan that she belonged on an island. So, when the opportunity landed in her inbox, the decision was nearly immediate. Nevermind that she had to search the map to even locate the Cayman Islands (expand screen bigger, bigger…), a chance to merge her current career as a yoga instructor with her passion for the water as a swim instructor sounded too good to be true!

Fortunately, it wasn’t, and surrounded by water never gets old for Mary. Only the draw of aging parents calls her off the rock for visits. Not understanding when people ask, “Don’t you get bored on such a small island?”, Mary could never tire of island life. When not teaching, she explores the beauty under water with an O2 tank or just floats around in the cove with the fishes. However, since everybody needs to rest (and to dry out), Mary finds her quiet time in reading, writing, and taking photographs. All of which lends itself beautifully to simple living on a rock.

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